It’s 2016 and our world is undergoing a transformative period like it hasn’t seen before. Technology advancements have significantly altered our lifestyles within merely a decade; from previously relying on books for knowledge to now having computers in our pockets. Social unrest has up-heaved necessary dialogues about racism, sexism and classism through mediums that can reach millions of people in a matter of minutes. Our planet’s condition, as well as the health of its populace, is of serious concern, and the push for sustainability and environmentalism has never been greater.


The media plays an influential role in shaping these conversations, but organizations oftentimes need guidance in maneuvering the chaos as well.

As our societies shift toward making better choices for our people and environments, I aim to provide valuable insight into strategies that may ultimately benefit both organizations and publics. This blog is meant to showcase those perspectives in ways that public relations practitioners can integrate them into their campaigns. By investing more sensitive thought into relevant social issues, organizations can foster stronger relationships with their audiences.

Collectively, we can make our world a better place for all, and much of that influence is curated through our media. Let us not undermine the power of a pen and a camera to inspire communal wellness.
Happiness and wellness are contagious– we should radiate the positive and conscious messages.


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