Code of Ethics

It’s essential to remain virtuous in the public relations industry, and thus hold practitioners accountable for their ethics. As a public relations blogger, it is my promise to:

Be honest.
I will remain truthful in all of the content I publish. In doing so, I will always give credit and link to sources whenever feasible. I promise that the images included on this blog are taken by me, and I will always cite the original artist if otherwise.
I hold myself to a standard of always publishing only accurate information. I will never seek to misrepresent fact or context.

Be respectful and fair.
I value diversity in thoughts, opinions and virtues. I understand that many of the topics I will touch upon in this blog will be sensitive, and I promise to approach controversy with respect so that all thoughts are considered and honored.
I firmly believe that all sources and subjects are deserving of respect. I will consistently show compassion for those who may be affected adversely by the topics I will touch upon in this blog. I will use special sensitivity when discussing these issues so as to respect those who are affected.
As a result, I will show good taste and avoid pandering to lurid curiosity.

Be accountable.
In my practice, I will disclose conflicts of interest, affiliations and personal agendas. I feel humbled to be constantly learning, and will thus hold myself accountable for my actions. As a result, I am open to admitting my mistakes and correcting them appropriately and promptly.