Good Vibes: Health & Wellness Trends

Public relations practitioners need to be constantly scanning industry trends to keep on top of what audiences are interested in. By maintaining attention on popular trends and fads, public relations practitioners can frame their messages effectively to best target audiences. A major theme transcending throughout numerous industries is an interest in health and wellness across the board.Organizations that capitalize on this fad by promoting more products and services geared towards improving peoples’ lives will find considerable success during this time.

A scroll through top feeds on Instagram or Facebook will showcase a variety of media curators promoting health and wellness products. Whether they’re meant for physical or mental improvement, they’re centered upon making customers feel good about themselves and their lives. With increasing numbers of celebrities endorsing such products, it’s now considered cool and attractive for consumers to be concerned with their health and wellness. Organizations of all industries can benefit from messaging that supports customers’ health and happiness.

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Popular bloggers have already established the best health trends organizations should be looking out for. The Holmes Report accurately predicted 2015’s PR trend of the year would be healthcare. The successful blog, Well+Good, has laid out their health and wellness for 2016 already, including new workout, dietary and beauty themes. World-famous music festivals that are based on capitalizing on the most popular trends– case in point Coachella– have  already incorporated fitness, dietary and beauty improvement brands as vendors.

Successful public relations practitioners know to follow and gain traction upon what audiences want. Health and wellness will always be a subject of discussion and priority for all consumers. Recent cultural shifts have influenced publics to become increasingly more interested in their own and others’ health and well-being. These topics affect everyone, and by making them seem more attractive through media, public relations professionals can utilize these themes to their organization’s advantage. At the same time, promoting healthy choices is inevitably always positive for individuals and communities as a whole, and should be continued to be prioritized.


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