Happy Customers Make for Happy PR

Throughout all my analyses on synthesizing charitable motives with public relations practices, it has become increasingly apparent how the bottom line in any industry never drastically changes: organizations thrive off making their audiences happy. Whether that’s by asserting that the customer is always right, or by simply creating honorable messaging with a feel-good narrative, a brand can almost never go wrong by putting the needs and wants of its clientele first.

Public relations is about forming relationships between organizations and publics. The first step involves conducting research about your audiences, but people don’t like to be thought of as specimen to be examined. Learning about what your audiences want and like is sometimes best found through meeting them on their level. Focus groups and surveys framed with messaging familiar to the targeted demographic can prove to be considerably insightful. Once understanding of the clientele is established, determining on what actions your organization can make to establish strong relationships with them is appropriate.

Building rapport with customers is essential to promoting a successful brand. If your audiences like what you have to say, then customer retention, loyalty and growth can only improve. At the end of the day, people like to feel welcomed, respected, comfortable, understood, recognized, valued and listened to. Shaping an organization’s public relations tactics to be framed in this manner is nearly guaranteed to make a customer happy.

Retrieved from: http://www.infifthgear.com/wp-content/uploads/Ecommerce-Customer-Service.jpg

With freeform public channels and blogs across the web, it’s easy to come across messaging from media curators that shames organizations for having poor ethics or corporate social responsibility. Brands are being held accountable for their actions by publics now more than ever. It seems better to adhere to what publics are truly looking for in a trustworthy brand than to risk backlash for a public elations campaign made in poor taste.

Regardless of the brand or product, organizations need to make their audiences feel good to some extent to retain brand loyalty and public support. Companies that are known for their customer service and treatment are more likely to retain their audiences, and have consumers recommend their business to others. All in all, a business can prioritize their profits and bottom line by prioritizing the needs and wants of their customers. Thus public relations practitioners should be mindful of how their campaigns might come across to publics. It isn’t just about targeting audiences in ways that frame the messages effectively, it’s about ensuring that what is put out ultimately gives the consumer a positive impression of your brand. Inspiring a customer can feel good about his or herself associates good feelings with your organization. Public relations professionals should never underestimate the power of contagious and positive messages.


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